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Valuable Tips for Web Site Designing:

As the e- commerce Internet usage increases across the world, designing web sites has become mandatory for every type of business. But designing web sites is not easy. We often come across websites with poor designs. But one can easily design attractive web sites with some expert guidance and web designing tools.
Here is a list of things you need to take care while creating a website.

1. Suitable content
Content that is suitable or important is easily picked by search engines and people visitors to web site will also find them interesting. Simply stuffing your website with the keywords may not help the reader if it does not carry any meaning or if it does not explain your services properly.
2. Browsability
A visitor should not find it difficult to navigate your web site. This can be achieved by not including breadcrumbs. You can design the web site pages such that they provide link to the main topic in every sub-topic page. This helps the users to navigate your web site easily and never get lost.
3. Keep the URLs Short
Maintain short URLs; This makes sure that your web site gets good rankings on search engines.
4. Placing important links
Every single page of the website should provide the link to the homepage, and also the page with link to main topics. With this, the user can go back to any page page from anywhere on the web site.

1. Irritating pop-up's
Pop-ups on websites are totally irritating. Unless you are absolutely dependent on pop advertisements for your survival, avoid pop-ups at all costs.
2. Too much duplication
No two pages on your web site should have similar feel and content. So, make sure you have few pages and divide the sub topics under a same page. Absence of identical pages also helps in better rankings with the search engines.
3. Unattractive presentation
While having a meaningful content is important, it is equally important to present that content well. Too much text on a page can bore the viewers. So, work to strike the right balance between ideal content and good design and presentation.


  • DO'S

1. Suitable Content

2. Browsability

3.Short URL

4.Suitable Links

  • DON'T(S)
  • 1. Avoid pop-ups
  • 2. Duplication of words / contents
  • 3.Unattractive presentation
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